New York: sleeping in the subway.

Two men sleeping in the subway.

The summer is still here. Eight months have gone away (where did they go then?) and very soon the fall will be back. This made me think about all these pictures in the subway. I have a lot of them, mostly not organized.
I don’t know why I was focused only on this. At the end is a sad story, not so funny. Not even really original. There are a lot of photographers that have already done this (worth to mention Bruce Davidson “Subway” first, but Weegee too!)
Working at ICP I met a friend, NIK, she printed several pictures for ICP’s exhibitions and she already photographed the same subject in b/w.
In addition, before I left Rome in December 2012, I met a photographer during the Festival di Fotografia. His name is Nicolas Sanin ( In July, we met again by chance in the subway in New York. Nicolas was in New York preparing his exhibition “The Reflex Project in New York City”. So, I think and I believe in coincidences, but I also believe in analyze them.
I generally find all the pictures taken in the subway realistic and a bit depressing… but at the end inspiring! I like to take pictures without knowing the reason. Even if it is methodically obsessive and recurring. At the end there is often a hidden reason, if you search it. It could be only something inspiring you in the way you like to show them or something different. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed them… 🙂